ProductPinion Features Amazon User Testing Videos and Split Tests
The only complete seller insights platform 
Don’t settle for just split testing. The real magic happens when you get more context from seeing and hearing how shoppers interact with your products, listings, search results or even your competitors.
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Video User testing with Pinion Videos™
Watch people shop 

Pinion Videos™ are screencast recordings of Amazon shoppers interacting with your listing as they think out loud.

You’ll be able to uncover buying objections, listing improvements, product development ideas, split testing ideas and more

Use our audience or yours
Select demographics
Choose actions / question to ask
Fast Split Testing with Pinion Polls™
Ask 100s of shoppers

Pinion Polls™ let you ask hundreds of Amazon shoppers for fast feedback on which images, headlines or text will increase your sales.

No more gut level guessing or asking biased friends and family.

Use our audience or yours
Select demographics
Choose image or text options
The only platform with Amazon Simulated Search™
People don’t shop in a vacuum, so you shouldn’t test in one either. Instead, ProductPinion can emulate an Amazon search result page, giving you more accurate results and full control of all variables.
Contextual split tests

Show your main Amazon image the way it was intended to be shown - right on an simulated Amazon search results page.

You control any variables

You decide what price, star rating, number of reviews and headline that will show up (or not at all)

Import By ASIN

Instantly import your listing and competitors and change any variables such as main image, pricing, star ratings or number of reviews.

Create from scratch

No listing yet? Or want to test something new? No problem, easily create a listing manually to use in a split test.

Split test using your own audience too
Nothing builds loyalty better than asking your own customers for feedback.  Plus, offer promotions too! Can you say, win, win win?
Always be testing, no matter where you're at in your Amazon journey
From initial product development to seasoned listings with thousands of reviews. If you’re not testing, you’re leaving money on the table.
Increase Conversions

Use split tests to find out definitively which images and text make more sales

Product Development

Learn how to improve your products. One new idea or feature could be worth millions.

Product Research

No product yet? Run tests to find out if there is demand before wasting your money.

Objection Handling

Know the reasons why people are not buying and how to overcome them 

Lower Ad Spend

Stop wasting money on PPC without knowing exactly what resonates with your customer first

Spy on Competitors

Get specific feedback on why your competitors are selling so well. Use the info to optimize your listings.